7 security tips for your vacation home

Many people dream of having a vacation home. It’s a nice feeling when you have somewhere to go to where you can relax and free yourself from stress even for a little while. However, you don’t want to imagine arriving at your vacation home that has been ransacked by burglars. You don’t want something bad to happen in your vacation home even if you only visit it a few times a year.

To help secure your home and keep it protected, here are some security measures you can do.

  1. Install security cameras
    Thanks to technology, you can monitor your home even when you are far away. Install a security camera so you can keep an eye on your vacation home. According to studies, more than 80% of burglars check the houses first for security cameras before attempting to break in. When they see security cameras installed, there is a higher chance of them to back out.There are lots of security cameras available on the market today. There are even cameras where you can check a real-time video on your smartphone or computer. There are also security cameras that can send you notifications if something is up. This way, you can call security officers to check on your property.
  2. Good lighting
    Most intruders won’t break in a vacation house when they feel that there is someone in there. Installing extra lighting, especially on the outdoors to light up dark areas, is a good idea.

    Consider using smart lightings which you can control using your smartphone. You can turn it on and off using your device even when you are not there to make it look like someone is in there.

  3. Secure doors and windows
    Locking the entrances to your vacation house is important. However, you should also include all other entries like windows and other doors.

    Make sure to close all blinds and curtains to make sure that no one from outside can see the inside of your home. This is a technique to prevent burglars from seeing what valuables you have in your vacation home.

  4. Keep home maintenance updated.
    As mentioned, most burglars won’t attempt to gain access to a house that looks occupied. They will most likely break into a house that is empty because the chances of getting caught are very low.

    Therefore, it’s important to keep your vacation house well-kept. Keep the trees, grass, shrubs and hedges trimmed. Make sure your yard is clean and well maintained. You can hire a trusted neighbor to do the maintenance and even get your newspaper or mails, so they won’t pile up.

  5. Do not leave a spare key.
    Do not put a spare key under your flower pot, door frame, mailbox or anywhere on the property. As much as possible, take all the keys with you. If you must leave a spare key, then leave it to your trusted friend or neighbor if you need them to check your house once in a while.
  6. Know your neighbors
    If your vacation house is located in a populated area, then get to know your neighbors. If the community is close, they are likely to watch each other’s house, and strangers are easily noticed. Ask your trusted neighbor to watch over your house and report any suspicious activity.
  7. Hire security guard
    If your vacation house is big enough and you have more assets in there which you can’t afford to lose, then you might want a security guard to hire to secure your home. This, of course, depends on your budget. But if it will give you peace of mind knowing that your vacation and your other valuables are protected, then it may be a good investment.

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