Top 5 Ways to Bug Proof Your Beach Home

For those who can afford it, going to the beach home is a beloved hobby. However, spending any significant amount of time near the beach exposes you to insects, notably several types of biting flies. Here’s how to get rid of bugs at your beach house if you want to enjoy your time. But first:

Why Are There So Many Bugs at the Beach?

Water is used by a variety of bug species to reproduce. Because humans are the invaders, the bugs feed on them while they are in their domain. Lake flies, for example, reproduce similarly to mosquitoes and are just as annoying. 

Biting midge flies are yet other tiny, annoying insects. Gnats also reside and breed near moist areas, hovering like a cloud of small bugs near the water. Chigoe fleas, a flightless sand-dwelling insect found around lakes and beaches, may devour your ankles and feet if you opt to spend the day barefoot on the beach. 

Top 5 Ways to Bug Proof Your Beach Home

Insect stings hurt and worst of all, they can carry diseases. Nevertheless, this should not prevent you from enjoying your beach holiday. Simply follow our recommendations on how to bug proof your beach house. Here are 5 key ways to keep them at bay:

  1. Maintain Your Yard

Yard maintenance has long been the key to removing spots that serve as excellent breeding grounds for a variety of flying and crawling pests. In light of this, remove potential breeding sites and empty water from things like buckets, bind, plastic containers; store water underneath or in a dry area. Moreover, dispose of any trash left behind, such as tyres, and unused or empty containers.

  1. Seal Installation Points and Pipes

Whether it’s for air conditioning, cable, or power, there are certainly utility pipe locations in your walls that transport critical utilities into your home. These apertures can be found on the ground level or along the roofline, so look around the outside of your house for them

  1. Seal Your Doors and Windows

Inspecting the entrance doors and other access points to your home is an excellent place to start. It’s most likely the easiest route for crawling insects to get into your beach house.

  1. Clear the Clutter After Dinner

Bugs, like humans, require food and water to exist. Maintain a clean and organized kitchen, keep all foods in airtight containers, and cover unsealed food in the refrigerator. This will keep the bugs at bay because it cuts out any food source. Dishes should also be washed quickly after use, and pet food should be put away after mealtimes. 

  1. Repair Cracks, Replace Worn Screens or Install New Screens

Given the size of many bugs, it’s easy to see how they might get into your home through little holes and crevices that you would not even notice. Repairing or replacing screens is a cost-effective and simple task that goes a long way toward keeping pests away while allowing for natural airflow during our hot and humid summer days. You could also add screens to your windows and doors to keep bugs out of your beach home. 

Wind Up

Some people are afraid of bugs, while others are fascinated by them. However, the majority of people will agree that bugs have no place in our homes. That said, follow these vital steps and enjoy a peaceful quiet time at your beach house this season! If all else fails, seek the help from a reliable pest and termite inspection north shore specialist.

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