Why is it a good idea to rent a car on vacation?

Let’s talk about renting a car and why you should hire one on your next vacation. Some people rely on public transportation when travelling. They are affordable, and it’s easy for a traveller to move from location A to location B. However, renting a car can make a whole difference in your trip.

Driving a car in a new place may give you an overwhelming feeling. But do you know that having your own vehicle when you are in a new place can give you more opportunities and open up more possibilities? 

While there are places or spots that don’t require having a car, there are more beautiful spots that can be easily visited when you have your own vehicle.


Here are the benefits of renting a car for your next vacation.


There is no doubt that having your own car during vacation can give you the 100% convenience you deserve. You don’t have to rely on the availability of public transportation. Thus you have the complete freedom to where you want to go and what time you want to leave. You don’t have to worry about following a certain schedule. You have control over your own timetable when visiting places. You can make spontaneous detours as you go on your travel. More often than not, those unplanned visits make the most memorable parts of your whole vacation.

When you are on vacation and visiting new places, every minute counts, you have to take full advantage of the opportunity so as much as possible, you have to visit a lot of places. Riding on public transportation means spending most of your time on buses or trains. And most of the time travel on public transport doubles or triple the time because of the many stops and transfer they make.

Having your own vehicle means you can plan for a more advantageous routine. You don’t need to wake up early to meet the schedule of the bus or train. Also, while on the road, you can pull over if you see beautiful spots and want to take pictures with it. And when you want to leave a certain area, you can leave immediately and no need to wait for the bus or train to arrive.

So if you see your itinerary and you find there will be more time spent on transfers and stops, then might as well rent a car to travel conveniently.

High level of comfort

You can’t find a high level of comfort in public transportation than on your own vehicle. With a car hire in Sydney, you can easily access your things, you can spread as much as you want and you can control as to who you are sharing your space with. This is not possible with public transportation. When you ride a public bus or train, you are sharing it with strangers. And since you are around with people you don’t know, you have to stay alert and be watchful of your things. Unlike when you are on your own vehicle, you feel safe. 

These may be small things and small sacrifices you can make, but being comfortable when travelling is a must. Just the thought of being able to control the air conditioner or the music gives you a different level of comfort. Imagine being on the bus or a train with broken windows, no music or no seat available. Such a hassle, right?

Comfort also means you have the pleasure to make stops anywhere to eat or take bathroom breaks. Talking about comfort, renting a car will always win regardless of what kind of scenario there is.


Yes, public transportation is the cheapest option when travelling. But when you include the level of comfort and convenience, renting a car is really cost-effective. In most countries, the rental fee of the car is way cheaper compared to paying a taxi plus fare for the bus during the tour. And when you rent a car the moment you step out of the airport, then you can save money right off then.

If you want to save more, consider renting small cars that re budget-friendly. Unless of course, you want to travel in a luxurious car. If you compare the amount you’d be spending on taxis, transfers, bus or trains, day tours and the rental fee, you would see that’s more beneficial to rent a car.

Obviously, renting a car is the best option when travelling compared to public transportation. However, there are factors you need to consider. Do you have problems driving a car like anxiety or feeling tensed behind the wheels? If this is the case, then you need someone who will drive for you. If there is none, then riding public transport would be a batter option. Also, are you travelling alone or with a group? If you are travelling alone and on a limited budget, then going on public transport is much cheaper. But if you are with your family or group of friends, then you can save money by renting a car because buses and trains charge per person, but there is no extra charge for renting a car. 

Overall, given that there are no restrictions, renting a car can give you the best experience and can give you so much use of your time when travelling.

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